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Member Sales Executive (London, UK)

at Lyvly

added on: November 9, 2018


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Location: London, UK

About Lyvly

The people we share our lives with make all the difference. At Lyvly, we share more than just spaces, we share our lives and we call it shared living. We take the hassle out of communal living so our members can focus on giving time to each other and to themselves. We are looking for like-minded individuals who love this as much as we do :)

Lyvly is founded by a team of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs. Run by Phil Laney, Kim Hurd (founder and CEO of Tabl) and Alex Gruca (founder and CEO of Joivy) and backed by Sirj Khaliq (CTO of Climate Corp - sold for $1.1bn), Greg Marsh (founder of Onefinestay) and Simon Levene (founder of Mosaic). 

Member Sales Executive

You will be one of the first people in our sales team, acting at the forefront of our community’s growth. You will be growing our membership base by helping to find and select the best quality members for our community. You will be interviewing prospective members, guiding them through the sales journey and connecting them with members who you believe to be a good fit.

Role and responsibilities

  • Deliver a compelling message of Lyvly’s value to prospective members.
  • Build relationships with existing members to assist you in generating quality viewings between them and their prospective housemates.
  • Manage multiple pipelines and successfully convert member leads through each step of the sales process.
  • Plan, develop and execute sales strategies.
  • Provide feedback to company management on market trends, competitive threats that allows Lyvly to develop their service offering and meet the demands of their members and strategic partnerships alike.
  • Identify sales support requirements and work with marketing to improve sales tools.
  • Maintain a CRM platform with thorough and insightful notes to assist the selection process.


  • Meet or exceed weekly, monthly and quarterly goals.
  • Communicate articulately by speaking like a peer to talented professionals from international backgrounds who are seeking accommodation in London.
  • Be able to adjust rapidly to changing needs within the market and sales team and offer solutions to increase efficiency.   
  • Use quantitative techniques to analyze results and make decisions.
  • Approach every day with energy and view challenges as accelerated learning opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Have exceptional listening, communication and organisational skills to work collaboratively within Lyvly’s team.
  • Be growth oriented and eager to achieve excellence and mastery of the role.
  • Be coachable and eager to receive and implement feedback.
  • Reflect the values of Lyvly’s ethos: be confident, able to differentiate yourself and build meaningful relationships with Lyvly’s prospects and existing members alike.


  • +2 years experience in a sales role.
  • Startup experience a plus.
  • Excellent English speaker.
  • Experience working with a sales CRM.

What we look for in Lyvly team members across all roles

Our community is built on the belief that is the people in our lives who make it a life. We apply this philosophy to our working culture and so are considered about who we ask to join us.  Below are the values we look for in our team:

You are someone who...

  • gets a huge satisfaction from creating something that’s going to be really game-changing. You can see and stay focused on the opportunity on the horizon.
  • runs into your fears. We’re ambitious about our growth, so you need to thrive in an environment of change, chaos and uncertainty.
  • is ambitious. We have big ideas about what we want to achieve over the next 18 months. We’re increasing our membership 15x and our team by 5x.
  • takes responsibility for your path. It is your journey. You need to be autonomous.
  • BUT while also being collaborative. We’re still young so you’ll need the ability to be agile, flexible and work cross-functionally.
  • is a leader, not a follower. You need to be the one who builds it. The followers will come.
  • is entrepreneurial, but you’re not the star of the show. Our community is. We’re team players and you must have a collaborative style and attitude.
  • takes risks, fails and rolls with it. See everything as a learning opportunity. We want stories from your past that demonstrate this.

Company benefits

  • Equity. Everyone has a stake in the company.
  • Regular team socials. We always end the week with a drink or two in our locale.
  • Experiences and events. We get together with our community regularly and there are often community events and experiences you can get involved with.
  • Unlimited leave. We want you to be refreshed and take ownership and responsibility for your time.
  • Salary of £25,000 - £35,000

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