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General Purpose Marketer (San Francisco, CA)

at Notion

added on: November 18, 2018


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Location: San Francisco, CA

About Notion

Notion is based in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco. We are a diverse group of people interested in computing, history, art, alternative programming languages, and music (we have a weekly jam session).

Learn more about the company and our history: [](

Notion is a general purpose tool. It's useful for nearly everyone, with a virtually uncapped market. But this open-endedness can also cause confusion – who should use the product? How and why should they use it? This is why we need marketing and content to channel and guide people ;-)

About You

You are a good story teller first and foremost. Your creations are coherent and have value to the reader.

You are an excellent writer. You'll be writing a lot of product marketing and on-boarding material. You need to be able to work quickly, with a great attention to details.

You know how to use different media for their strengths. Got good eyes and can make GIFs? Produce podcasts? Yes!

You understand the basic business of marketing and distribution. Ideally, you are also analytical minded and have run your own ads campaigns before.

You have good taste. You know what's hip.

To apply, please email `` with links that best showcase the things you have built and done. It would also help to include your Twitter/Instagram handles – we'd love to get a sense of you as a full person.

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