Marketing Operations Manager (Remote)

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added on: November 13, 2018


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Location: Remote

About GitLab

GitLab believes in a world where everyone can contribute. Our mission is to change all creative work from read-only to read-write. When everyone can contribute, consumers become contributors and we greatly increase the rate of human progress.

GitLab is an open core company which develops software for the software development lifecycle used by more than 100,000 organizations and has an active community of more than 2200 contributors. Our values are Collaboration, Results, Efficiency, Diversity, Iteration, and Transparency (CREDIT) and these form our culture.

With GitLab, everyone can contribute.

The Role

You understand that a foundation of healthy growth in a fast-paced company is effective marketing operations. Your job is three-fold: evaluate/select/customize technology to enable effective marketing at GitLab, ensure high data quality and help colleagues access that data to enable smarter decisions, and assist in marketing analysis/planning/strategy.


  • Marketing technology
  •   Evaluate new marketing technology that can enable GitLab to grow its business faster and more efficiently.
  •   Create documentation that guides the marketing team in their use of marketing software tools.
  •   Train the marketing team on marketing software tools.
  •   Audit use of marketing software tools with an eye towards continually improving how they are configured.
  • Marketing data stewardship
  •  Ensure we have documented processes in place that facilitate accurate data collection.
  •  Review data quality across key dimensions that GitLab uses to evaluate its marketing performance.
  •  Where data quality is lacking, identify the root cause and address systematically.
  • Marketing analysis
  •  Measure the marketing department's contribution to sales pipeline, and assess their performance throughout the entire funnel.
  •  Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and content, including ROI of marketing campaigns.
  •  Measure the ratio of customer acquisition cost to customer lifetime value, by marketing tactic.
  •  Assist with data-driven budgeting, planning, and strategy.


  • Experience with modern marketing and sales development solutions such as LeanData, Bizible, and Outreach.
  • Experience on sales and/or marketing teams of B2B software, Open Source software, and the developer tools space is preferred.
  • Proficiency in MS Excel / Google Sheets.
  • Is your college degree in French foreign politics with a minor in interpretive dance but you’ve been selling and marketing products since you were 12? Perfect. We understand that your college degree isn’t the only thing that prepares you as a potential job candidate.
  • You are obsessed with making customers happy. You know that the slightest trouble in getting started with a product can ruin customer happiness.
  • Be ready to learn how to use GitLab and Git.

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