Head of Product Marketing

at Amplitude

added on: December 11, 2018

site: https://amplitude.com/

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Location: San Francisco, CA

About Amplitude

At Amplitude, we’re on a mission to help product teams understand their users’ behavior so that they can build better products. We’ve built a product analytics platform that enables anyone, regardless of analytics experience, to listen to what their users are telling them through user behavior.

Founded in 2012, Amplitude is located in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood, and are backed by IVP, Battery Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Y Combinator.

What we're looking for

Amplitude is hiring a product marketing leader to accelerate growth by scaling our category creation and thought leadership strategy. It’s a unique opportunity to develop an exciting industry story that will define the age of all software products.  

Role and responsibilities

  • Lead and build Amplitude’s product marketing function to build mindshare amongst Product, growth and Analytics leaders around the world
    • Lead the development of product messaging and positioning, custom solutions and enable Amplitude’s GTM along with and our technology and agency partners  
    • Drive the go-to-market strategy with a strong narrative based on a refined buyer journey with customer stories and product thought leadership content

The Product Marketing team at Amplitude

  • Works with sales and customer success to help win flagship brands and generate high impact customer stories
  • Produces high fidelity externally facing content including thought leadership, webinars, data sheets, solution guides, ROI models and more for all lifecycle stages
  • Builds internal enablement content for sales training, demo flows and competitive positioning
  • Works closely within the marketing team to drive product launches, campaigns, SEO and conference content
  • Enables major global partners and customers to become Amplitude advocates

Required experience

  • 6-8 years of product management and/or product marketing experience in enterprise SaaS
  • Very strong written communication and quantitative analysis skills
  • Excellent people management skills to execute on ambitious projects with cross-functional teams
  • Growth mindset, humility, and the burning desire to own your domain and your work

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